All AGV’s come with a minimum 2 year warranty

 Registering your helmet within the first 60 days of purchase will enable you with:

3 years extra free for the Pista GP, Corsa, and GT Veloce

2 years extra free for the K5, K3, K3 SV

1 year extra free for any other model including MDS and Diesel helmets

** Due to changes on the AGV website the registration/extended warranty form is currently unavailable, please contact with the following data and they will process your request manually**

•             First name               

•             Last name             

•             City                          

•             Country                    

•             Helmet Model         

•             Graphics/Color     

•             Size                          

•             Product code           

•             Receipt date       

•             Where the purchase was made

•             Copy of the receipt attached