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The system allows you to connect cell phones and smartphones, intercom communication with a device of the same type up to distances of around 100 meters, connection with motorcycle satellite navigators available on the market and with the satellite navigators of smartphones, allows you to listen to music in wireless mode and via cable transmitted by devices that feature A2DP bluetooth profiles, connects with FM radio stations and is equipped with RDS (automatic radio station search function).

The limit speed at which communication begins to fade depends on a number of factors that represent sources of external noise, such as the type of motorcycle used and the type of helmet. Generally speaking, you can communicate smoothly up to a speed of 120-130 km/h with a one-piece or closed flip front helmet, or approximately 80-90 km/h with a jet or open flip front helmet.

The connection is guaranteed for short distances of up to a maximum 100 meters, beyond which the system disconnects. This means that the system surely enables communication between the rider's helmet and the passenger and allows communication between two motorcycles that are close to each other (side-by-side or at a short distance).